Root Canal Retreatment

When you are referred to us, some of you would have already had Root Canal Treatment done. If that treatment has not been successful it may be due to leakage of the root filling, decay around the existing filling of the tooth, inadequate cleaning of the root canals or a missed canal.

Root Canal Retreatment aims to remove the cause of the failure and resolving that issue which usually involves removing the existing restoration and root filling. Once the cause of the failure is resolved then the root canal retreatment is done. Root canal retreatments are usually more time consuming and therefore, more expensive.

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This treatment can be done over 1-2 appointments. The Endodontist will discuss this and the cost with you during your consultation appointment.

If the root canals are not able to be cleaned completely they can become infected causing an abscess at the end of the root. The tooth is carefully examined prior to treatment to assess this risk.

The added risk is the strength of the tooth following root canal treatment. The structure of the dentine changes with the collagen component becoming weaker. The sides of a posterior tooth are at risk of fracturing following root canal treatment and added protection is needed. Often a crown is required which is done by your General Dentist, however a 6-12 month observation period is suggested before this is done to check that the treatment has been successful.

The longer a tooth has been root filled the weaker the dentine structure will become. The tooth becomes more at risk of fracturing or a crack in the tooth developing.