Sometimes it is not possible or suitable to keep a tooth and an extraction is necessary.

A tooth is extracted under local anaesthetic and in some situations with added sedation. The tooth is loosened within the bone and then removed from the socket. The socket will be assessed and if necessary some stitches placed.

The difficulty of extracting a tooth varies depending on the shape of the root, if the tooth has previously been root filled, if the tooth has suffered any trauma in the past and any underlying medical conditions. This is all assessed at the consultation appointment.

There is a risk of infection or developing a dry socket following an extraction. If this occurs the clinician will assess the site and often a course of antibiotics is prescribed.

It is important to follow the post operative instructions regarding home care.

Often a replacement tooth is suggested and this may be in the form of a partial denture, a fixed bridge or a dental implant. This can all be discussed at your consultation appointment.