Dental Trauma

Generally, the three dental structures that can be damaged in dental trauma are:

  1. The hard structure of the tooth (dentine, enamel, root) which may suffer a crack through it or it is broken off completely. Broken teeth are usually restored by a general dentist
  2. The dental pulp (nerve) may get damaged and sometimes dies completely. A pulpotomy is required in some cases and root canal treatment in others. Other times the space of the dental pulp closes over (calcified). If root canal treatment is required for these teeth then a microscope is generally required
  3. The structures, mostly the periodontal ligament but also the bone and gum tissue around a tooth, may all get damaged if a tooth is pushed out of its normal position. Careful re-positioning of these teeth is required to give these tissues a good chance of healing well

These are sudden and often traumatic events which need to be dealt with quickly and carefully to give the teeth the best chance of remaining. We will do our best for those that those that we see

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