Sedation is suggested for those who are very anxious when it comes to dental treatment. Midazolam is usually the agent we use and that can either be administered orally or intravenously (injection in the arm). This option relieves you of your anxiety and is safe for most people, however there is a residual affect throughout the day. It is strongly recommended that patients do not continue with their normal activity and a pick up after treatment is necessary.

A careful assessment is required prior to any sedation being administered. As part of this you must list any medical conditions you have, and a full list of any medication or drugs that you may take, and any medical concerns or problems you may have. Your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen concentration levels, expired CO2 levels) are monitored before and during the sedation. You will be carefully checked at the conclusion of this visit and then released to your pick up person – a responsible adult.

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There are strict protocols for the administration of this agent and any queries can be thoroughly discussed at your consultation appointment.